Incorporating a fluid mix of lush orchestration and rigid scratches and rhythms, producer, electronic musician and sample-based composer p.stoops blends decades of music influence together into a strange yet consonant world.

With a background in classical piano and concert composition, he utilizes this upbringing to its fullest with obsessive precision and perfectionism. Pulling inspiration from a library of musical influences and styles, his producing reads as both history lesson and innovative combination of digital and analog worlds..

The beginning of his sample-based compositions started with his 2014 EP, object permanence.  Part early hip-hop mixtape, part exotica record, he diverged from rhythmic and melodic expectations throughout the album.  

The sampling process of object permanence awoke his inner ethnomusicologist and led to his next project, Ancient Computers.  Taking the next two years to complete his first full-length album, p.stoops poured in countless more samples, musical form changes, and production techniques to build an ethnomusicological study for an imaginary post-civilization world.

Ancient Computers was released May 5th, 2017 on Teenage Riot Records.

After the release of Ancient Computers, he went back into the studio to record a follow up EP, Sentient Commuters. The EP moved away from natural sounds to a more urban-driven sonic template. In the album, he sampled street preachers, children playing double dutch, and general city life. Dubbed as “oddly-catchy” by the press, the album included the single “Get Money,” a subtle little earworm based around whispered vocals and a funk bassline.

Sentient Commuters, was released December 9th, 2018 on Telesynthetic Industries.

In August of 2019, p.stoops retired from performing live to spend more time working on his project with singer Chayla Hope. The duo, performing as Young Teazer, write catchy pop tunes that highlight p.stoops as a producer backing Chayla’s powerful vocals.

Their first single, “GLTS,” was released on August 30th, 2019.